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When should I stop receiving spousal support?

Posted by admin on January 9, 2017
Cedar Park Spousal Support Attorney

In situations where spousal support is ordered, there is typically a limitation on how long it is required. Texas courts are prohibited from ordering spousal support payments beyond a certain amount of time. Because the purpose of this is to assist a spouse with providing for their reasonable needs and to become self sufficient, it makes sense that spousal support would not continue forever. Each state has limitations on the amount of time it may be required.

In Texas, the limitations on spousal support are set forth in Title 1, Subtitle C, Chapter 8 of the Family Code, which is available here. Section 8.054 of the Family Code specifies the time limitations. According to that Section, a court may not order maintenance that remains in effect for more than 5 years if the spouses were married to each other for less than 10 years. Support may not be ordered beyond 7 years if the spouses were married to each other for at 20 to 30 years. Finally, support may not be ordered beyond 10 years if the spouses were married to each other for 30 years or more. Courts are required to follow these specifications.

Texas courts are required to limit the duration of a maintenance order to the shortest reasonable period that allows the spouse seeking maintenance to provide for their minimum reasonable needs, with a few limited exceptions.

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