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Power of Attorney Documents in Round Rock, Texas

No one knows when an accident or a sudden illness may wreak havoc on one’s life, which is why Power of Attorney documents are a necessity for people living in Round Rock, TX. A Power of Attorney document assigns a trusted friend or family member to act as one’s agent in financial and legal matters. Serving Round Rock and surrounding areas, Jackson Law Firm can construct a well-written Power of Attorney document to protect your wishes.

The extent and boundaries of this fiduciary relationship are based upon the wording of the Power of Attorney document. The friend or family member mentioned in the documents must act in one’s best interest, without fail. Typically, Power of Attorney becomes null and void in the event of one’s death or if they become mentally incapacitated.

A Durable Power of Attorney document survives death and mental incapacity. To create a Durable Power of Attorney document, the document must expressly delineate itself as a Durable Power of Attorney document. Otherwise, Texas will declare the document as ending upon one dying or becoming mentally incapacitated.

Typically, a Power of Attorney document does not extend to allowing a friend or family member to make medical decisions for their loved one. A Medical Power of Attorney document is needed. Every citizen in Round Rock, the Sport’s capital of Texas, needs a Round Rock Power of Attorney document and Medical Power of Attorney document. These documents can be constructed quickly, but require a depth of legal acumen.

Jackson Law Firm has the experience and ability to construct a Power of Attorney Documents tailored to your individual wants and needs. Call 512-528-1900 to arrange a consultation today.