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Post-Divorce Modifications in Cedar Park

After a divorce, it is not uncommon for other issues to arise. Those issues may involve changes in your employment or your ex-spouse’s employment that require an increase or decrease in child support. They may also involve problems in your divorce decree that were not apparent when it was originally drafted.

Whatever your concern, the Jackson Law Firm is here to help. We are committed to providing the knowledgeable and courteous legal assistance you need. Located in Cedar Park, we serve individuals and families in Round Rock, Austin, and the surrounding areas.

Modifying Support Orders

Child support or spousal support orders can usually be modified if there is a significant change in life circumstances. For instance, you may lose your job and be unable to pay child support. Or, your ex-spouse may gain a job that pays much more than before, allowing you to request an increased amount of support from him or her.

Child support modifications are also frequently necessary when one parent relocates, or the child custody arrangement otherwise changes.

Moving To A Different State

If you hope to relocate with your child, you will need to request permission from the court. The court will consider whether the proposed move is in the best interest of the child. It will evaluate the reason for the move, the child’s age, parental involvement and other issues.

Our Cedar Park and Round Rock, Texas modification lawyers can guide you through the parental relocation process. We can also help you create and submit a new parenting plan to the appropriate family law court.

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