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Wills: Leaving Instructions Instead Of Leaving It To Chance

Having a valid will in place saves both time and money when a person passes away. In addition, it provides that person with choices as to how his or her property will be distributed. Without a will, important decisions will be left up to the discretion of a judge who does not know you or your wishes.

At the Jackson Law Firm in Cedar Park, Texas, we handle estate planning matters for clients throughout Williamson County. Our Cedar Park will and trust attorneys can assist you with everything from preparing a will to creating revocable trusts or appointing a guardian.

Contingent Trusts: Keeping Control Of Your Assets After You Pass Away

We also assist clients with embedding contingent trusts in wills. Contingent trusts are used to set certain conditions on the distribution of assets. This is a particularly useful way to continue to exercise a degree of control over how your money is utilized after your death. For instance, you can specify that you want your money to go to your son, but only after he turns 30 or graduates from college.

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