Paternity Establishment

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Paternity Establishment Lawyers in Round Rock, Texas

Either a mother or a father of a child born that is born out of wedlock can bring about action to establish the paternity of that child. Legally establishing paternity will create certain rights and duties. Paternity establishment can be determined in two ways:

Acknowledgment of Paternity

An Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) is effective for establishing paternity in Round Rock, TX. If the mother and father of a child are married, there’s a legal presumption in favor of paternity. If they’re unmarried, there is no presumption, but the AOP operates the same as a judicial finding of the child’s paternity so long as both the mother and father sign it. That can be done before, during or after the child’s birth. Some men may learn that they might not be the father of a child after they’re signed an AOP. Timing is critical in these types of situations as they only have 60 days after signing to petition to withdraw or rescind their AOP. Rescission becomes very difficult after that 60 day period.

Court Determination of Paternity

If an AOP was not signed, paternity can be proved in court through a lawsuit to establish paternity. If the non-moving party refuses to acknowledge paternity, the court will order DNA testing and enter its order establishing or denying paternity.

Round Rock Paternity Establishment can be as simple as signatures on an AOP from the child’s parents or as complex as DNA or another testing. The Jackson Law Firm is a respected and reputable law firm serving Round Rock, TX that represents both men and women in cases involving the establishment of paternity. Contact the Jackson Law Firm at 512-528-1900 for help establishing or denying paternity, or for help withdrawing from an AOP.