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Couples seek divorces for a variety of reasons, such as conflict, adultery, and abuse. On the outside, a divorce may look much like the dissolution of any other serious relationship, but Texas courts take the process very seriously. In the state of Texas, the reason for a divorce plays a major role in court rulings, and the grounds for divorce must be proven for the petition to be granted. There are two grounds for divorce in the state: fault-based and no-fault.

A No-Fault Divorce

As the name implies, a no-fault divorce doesn’t require the documentation of wrongdoing on either spouse’s part. There are several no-fault grounds for divorce, with supportability being the most common. To get a divorce on these grounds, a divorce attorney must prove that:

1. The marriage can’t be supported due to personality conflicts
2. The conflict has ruined all aspects of the relationship
3. There is no chance of reconciliation

Living apart is another no-fault ground for divorce. Here, the petitioner must show that they haven’t lived with the other spouse for a minimum of three years. Finally, institutionalization is another no-fault reason for divorce. If filing on these grounds, the petitioner and his or her lawyer must prove that the other person has been in a mental hospital for three years and that the condition cannot be cured.

Fault-Based Divorces

This category is self-explanatory. Here, a petitioner must show that the other party handles the breakdown of the marriage. However, for the divorce to be granted, fault must be proven. Cruelty is one of the most common fault-based grounds, where it must be proven that the other spouse’s cruel behavior created an insupportable condition.
Adultery is another fault-based reason for divorce. If a petition is filed on the grounds of adultery, the other spouse’s infidelity must be documented. These claims cannot be taken lightly, as the accused spouse may experience denial, shame, and anger. A petition can be filed if a spouse has been convicted of a felony, incarcerated for a year, and hasn’t been pardoned. Lastly, abandonment is a fault-based ground for divorce. To prevail, a petitioner or divorce attorney must show that the other spouse intentionally abandoned them and has not returned for one year.

Why Fault Matters

The court’s decision to grant a divorce on fault-based grounds is crucial in the division of marital assets. If a petitioner provides sufficient proof of abandonment, felony convictions, adultery, or cruelty, the court may give the wronged spouse a larger share of the marital estate. Texas’ Family Code doesn’t guarantee a 50/50 split; rather, it guarantees a fair division based on the grounds described above. The courts have substantial leeway in making property awards, and most of the time they do so based on whether the petition was filed as fault-based or no-fault. A  lawyer will help clients understand how the state’s laws apply to their situation.
Divorces are complicated even under the best of circumstances, but they don’t have to be life-altering.

With help from an experienced divorce attorney, a client can dissolve his or her marriage and move on with life. Request a consultation online or call the Jackson Law firm for more information about your divorce situation.

Family Law

Child custody, child support, alimony, and divorce cases are difficult even under the best of circumstances. The emotional toll is enough to make most people feel defeated before the case even starts. While legal representation isn’t always necessary, consider the benefits of hiring a family lawyer.

Saving Money
How realistic are the other party’s claims, and can they get what they’re striving for? Local family law attorneys know Texas law, as well as past case results, and they use that knowledge to help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible. Lawyers know what judges are looking for and they will present your case in ways that make the judge see your side of the story. Finally, an attorney knows how to anticipate potential problems and understands what you can reasonably expect to receive.
While hiring a Round Rock Divorce attorney is an investment, not having legal counsel may be more expensive in the long term. An attorney will ensure that you don’t pay too much in child or spousal support. If you are entitled to such payments, your lawyer will help you get everything you deserve. Additionally, having a lawyer on your side will help you avoid expensive and time-consuming errors, and it will ensure the fair division of the marital estate.

Prevent Bullying

In divorce cases, it’s quite common to hear threats such as “You won’t get a dime from me!” or “You’ll never see the kids again.” Without legal representation, it’s hard to tell whether these threats are real, and it’s tempting to give into the other person’s demands. A Round Rock Divorce lawyer will hold the other person accountable and prevent you from being bullied into an unfair arrangement.

Proper Filing of Important Documents
Do you know the timeframe in which documents must be filed? Do you know which documents the court needs? Most people know nothing about these documents, their service, and their filing. If any mistakes are made, the judge may disallow these documents. However, a Round Rock family lawyer will help avoid these types of mistakes.

Looking at the Big Picture
When involved in a child custody or divorce case, your family and friends will undoubtedly have plenty of opinions and advice. While such advice is often useful, in some cases, it won’t apply to your situation. Every case is unique, and that’s why it’s so important to hire a family attorney who can take an objective look at your situation.

Family law cases are often stressful. Your emotions may lead the way, and you probably have other people to consider. When you’ve hired an attorney, you’re free to spend your emotional energy on healing and moving on with life.

Do You Need a Legal Representation?
The Round Rock attorneys of the Jackson Law Firm are experienced, dedicated professionals who will fight aggressively to help you achieve a fair divorce outcome. Visit them online for more information or call today to request an initial no-obligation consultation.

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    Many thanks to Cara Surell for her expertise and professionalism in handling my immigration case. She did a great job. The case has been resolved in my favor. I am absolutely pleased with the outcome.

    Maria P. - Immigration Law

    Having recently moved to the North Austin/Cedar Park area, I more or less rolled the dice on selecting a law firm to do some estate trust work for me. I couldn’t have chosen better! The Jackson Law Firm and lawyer Cara Surell handled my needs quickly and professionally. I truly felt that there was a genuine interest in my situation and a sincere desire to accomplish what I wanted and needed done.

    E.K. - Estate Trust

    Thank you to Cara and Lisa for making our Estate Planning process run as smoothly as possible. I’ll be recommending your firm to friends and family!

    Jill - Estate Planning

    I had a family trust put together by Cara Surell, one of the Lawyers in the Jackson Law Firm. I must say, I was very impressed and satisfied with the knowledge, speed and professionalism exhibited during this process. I am very satisfied with the results and would highly recommend this law group.

    Dale Raveney - Family Trust

    The Jackson Law firm was very supportive in my time in need in my initial divorce. He turned the tables around on the opposing council. I was denied my visitation but the Jackson Law Firm helped me get my visitation. Justin Jackson was very informative in the rules of family law and in the end he helped me get my rights to my kids. Thank you Jackson Law Firm in every thing you did for me it was much appreciated.

    F. Lyon - Divorce Law

    Justin, I want to thank you for believing in me. On the very first day you made it clear that “truth will triumph in the end” – I had serious misgivings about it since I felt those ideologies only exist in an Utopian world. During the entire process the opposing counsel tried so hard to wear us down, spewed venomous invective but you never pandered to them. You always chose the righteous path – that made me angry at times to question our stand. TRUTH TRIUMPHED!!! We won! YOU ARE A GREAT CHESS PLAYER MY FRIEND – You had them completely fooled with your boyish charm, fledged approach…underneath that camouflage there is a highly astute & insightful mind – they failed to see it. You are a good man with strong character & ethics. I salute you!

    Aaron - Truth will triumph

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