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Austin Child Custody Attorney – The Advocacy you Need

Getting divorced is stressful enough, but when you add kids into the mix, it becomes even more difficult. You want what’s best for everyone in the situation, but even in the most amicable divorce, it can be hard to figure out what’s right for the kids.

When this happens, the courts have to decide what’s right for your kids but before you get to that point, you need a good Austin child custody attorney. You need someone on your side, fighting for what you and your kids need.

How is Custody Determined?

In the state of Texas, the courts give both parents equal rights to the children. There are a couple of ways it can be done.

  • Sole custody – In this situation, one parent has ‘main custody’ while the other parent gets visitation rights. Both parents get to spend time with the kids and the times are determined by the court so there isn’t any room for anyone to make decisions for the other.
  • Joint custody – In a joint custody situation, both parents have equal custody of the children. Like sole custody, the courts decide when each parent has custody based on the information provided during the court case.

The Difference Between Legal and Physical Custody

As an Austin child custody attorney, I often hear that parents don’t understand the difference between legal and physical custody.

Physical custody, as the name suggests, gives the parent the right to have their children living with them. If one parent has sole custody, the other parent has visitation rights. In other words, the children live mainly with the parent with sole custody but stay with the non-custodial parent occasionally too.

Legal custody refers to the right of a parent to make decisions about a child’s wellbeing. This could be in reference to a child’s medical conditions, school, or other general life decisions. In joint custody situations, both parents have an equal say in the child’s life. 

If you feel like your ex-spouse is causing your child damage with the decisions, he/she is making, as your Austin child custody attorney, I can help you take the case back to court to ensure that your child’s rights are covered.

Why you Need an Austin Child Custody Attorney

You might think you can handle your child custody situation yourself, especially if you have a friendly divorce. We never recommend trying to do it alone, though.

Even friendly divorces can end up in fights or frustration, forgetting about what’s best for the kids and making the situation worse for everyone else. A child custody attorney that’s experienced can help you navigate the system, see what’s right for your children, and win in court.

Don’t Do these Things During a Child Custody Case

No matter how ‘ugly’ your child custody case gets, it’s important to always follow the law and take the higher road. Your actions, no matter if they are as a result of something your ex-spouse is doing, could affect the child custody case.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Don’t be unfriendly or unwilling to work with your ex-spouse – The key is to show the courts that you can work together so that joint custody will work. Unless your ex-spouse poses a danger to the children, he/she will get joint custody. If you aren’t friendly with one another, though, your ex-spouse could turn on you and get the judge to choose them for sole custody. Instead, show that you can work things out and be a unit for your children.
  • Don’t ignore the court’s orders – If the judge orders a temporary child custody order, follow it. Don’t take it upon yourself to do what you feel is right. If you don’t agree with the order, your Austin child custody attorney can help you fight it, but in the meantime, show that you will follow what the judge requires so that when the order is finalized it works the way you hoped.
  • Don’t make mistakes on social media – Today everything we do is easily shared. If you participate in behaviors the judge wouldn’t want to see when thinking of child custody, don’t let them get on social media. In other words, don’t share pictures of yourself doing things, and don’t use it as a platform to rant about your ex-spouse. The information will quickly get back to the judge and could backfire on you.

Put your Kids First

It can be hard to give into what your ex-spouse wants or to even think of him/her around your children, but it’s for the best. As your Austin child custody attorney, I will make sure that your children’s best interests are considered when we go to court.

I know how stressful the situation is and how it hurts everyone involved. I am here for you every step of the way, listening, caring, and working hard to make sure your children get what they need.

Children are usually the ones hurt most in a divorce, but with my help, your case will go smoothly, and everyone will get the care they deserve.

Final Thoughts

Child custody is scary and overwhelming, especially if one spouse isn’t fit to be a parent. You have to showcase this in court, and I can help you do just that.

It’s my job as an Austin child custody attorney to ensure families get what they need when going through a divorce. The situation is stressful for everyone, but I work hard to ensure that everyone gets what they need, and that all voices are heard. I make your divorce as stress-free as I can, ensuring that your children are well cared for in the situation.  Contact us today at (512) 528-1900 to get started!