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Retirement Accounts & Divorce in Cedar Park

Retirement accounts raise a wide variety of important questions during divorce. Such questions include, “How do we fairly divide the value?” and “I don’t retire for 10 years, so does my ex-spouse get half or only a small part?”

At the Jackson Law Firm in Texas, our Cedar Park and Austin attorneys for retirement and divorce are experienced in the complexities and nuances of property division. One of the most important factors to consider is that of community property versus separate property. In most cases, both individuals already started their retirement savings before marriage, which makes the accounts a mixture of community and separate property. Attorney Justin M. Jackson can explain the applicable formula and what you can expect in your particular situation.

Skilled Lawyer For ERS Pension Divisions, 401(k)s And More

Our law firm assists clients with complex property division issues, including accurately characterizing and dividing:

  • 401(k)s
  • Individual retirement accounts (IRAs)
  • Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) pensions for teachers
  • Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) pensions for government workers
  • Military pensions

In every retirement account dispute, you can rest assured that we will make every good faith effort to settle your case in an uncontested manner. In other words, we will not insert additional conflict into your relationship with your spouse, set unnecessary hearings, run up unnecessary expenses or drag out the process any longer than is absolutely necessary.

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