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Immigration law is one of the most important fields of law in Texas. There are a few different things to understand about immigration law that can help you understand the process and why it is important to hire a good Round Rock immigration attorney rather than going at it on your own.

There are multiple ways for one to legally enter this country. With work-based immigration, individuals must apply for work visas. There are many different kinds of visas that apply to different types of workers. Temporary visas are more readily available, but permanent visas are available on a limited basis. These are given out according to a preference system, where people of extraordinary ability in difficult fields have preference over others.

With family-based immigration, individuals can enter the country based upon their relationship to a person already living in the US. For instance, there is no limitation on the number of spouses of US citizens that will be admitted through visas each year in America. Unmarried minor children and parents of US citizens are also given the ability to enter the country. Beyond that, there is a preference system and limitations on the number of more distant relatives that can enter the country legally.

Some people might go at it alone, but a Round Rock immigration attorney is necessary for those who want the best outcome. Attorneys are adept at avoiding delay, and they can anticipate legal problems before those problems arise. In addition, they can help you determine which status to apply for, and they help to guide the case through the courts. Many in the Round Rock and Austin areas have found that having a lawyer can be the difference between a streamlined process and a painful, extended process.

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