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Adoptions, like many other facets of family law, are highly emotional. Often the primary emotion is joy, but the process can also be confusing and contentious — particularly if a biological parent is unwilling to give up his or her rights.

At the Jackson Law Firm, we take pride in treating every client with honesty and integrity. We will listen to your adoption goals and then give you a straightforward assessment of what you can expect. Our mission is to help you welcome a new child into your family in a way that maximizes the happiness and minimizes the stress.

Two Common Facets Of Every Adoption

The most common adoption we handle in our office involves a stepparent wishing to legally adopt his or her spouse’s child. When this is the objective, two steps must be completed:

  1. Legally terminating the parent-child relationship between the child and one of the biological parents
  2. Legally establishing, through adoption, the parent-child relationship with the stepparent

These two steps are typically the same in every adoption case. Other types of adoptions — including out-of-state adoptions, international adoptions, private adoptions and agency adoptions — all have certain differing requirements, but the need to terminate the biological parent’s legal relationship remains the same.

Guardians Ad Litem

Before you adopt, the court will require a home study of your residence. In addition, it will likely require the appointment of a guardian ad litem to safeguard the child’s interests. An ad litem is an attorney appointed to specifically advocate for the best interest of the child.

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