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Child support is a legislative law that attempts to provide financial benefits for children growing up with one parent. Parents are legally bound to support their children. The word ‘parent’ is a legal term in the state of Texas. The status of the parent is determined by biological mother and wedded father, adoptive mother or father, or a father determined by his acknowledgment of paternity or a biological paternity test.

The parent obligated to pay child support is usually not the parent with primary custody. Child support is calculated as money paid to supply a child’s basic needs, usually until the age of 18. The State of Texas encourages parents to attend mediation together and come to an agreement for this sum, based upon hard facts and determinations from budgets and figures.

Often conflicts arise between parents over child support because a parent is confused about what needs the child support is to cover. Conflicting areas arrive when a parent is paying for food, daycare, clothing, medical treatment, school funds, etc. How should these expenses be divided? A Round Rock child support attorney will be helpful in mediating issues like this and facilitating how the support monies should be distributed.

What happens when the parent responsible for child support stops paying or refuses to pay?
A judge can enforce the payment by holding the parent in contempt, fining the person, or sending the individual to jail. However, the law does not permit a parent to cancel parental visits and rights because of spousal failure to pay support.

Child support issues can become serious quickly. Because of the intense emotional investment and complex child support legal requirements, it is important to consult an attorney versed in child support law, such as a Round Rock child support attorneys at Jackson Law Firm. Contact the Jackson Law Firm today to assist you in rectifying child support issues.