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How Long Does it Take to Adopt a Child From Foster Care?

Posted by admin on April 5, 2020
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The amount of time it takes to adopt a child from the foster care system can depend on several circumstances. According to and, the entire adoption process can take anywhere from 4 months to 18 months, but the time it takes to adopt can vary greatly and will depend on individual factors. Once a prospective adoptive parent is certified to adopt, the child must be legally made available for adoption, which means that all parental rights from birth parents must be severed. After this happens, contact our Cedar Park adoption lawyers and the formal adoption process can begin.

Becoming certified to adopt typically involves completing obligatory training courses, paperwork on financial and health matters, a background check, and a home visit that ensures that the child is being adopted into a suitable environment. All individuals looking to adopt must pass this certification process before proceeding with adoption. The time this takes is usually three to four months, but can be longer depending on circumstances.

After certification, prospective parents must identify the type of child they wish to adopt. Requests can be made for specific gender, race, age, and the extent of care the child will need. The more open the adoptive parent is to the type of child, the sooner the placement will occur. Individuals looking for a specific type of child will typically end up waiting longer for the placement process.

Parental rights from birth parents and family members must be terminated before the adoption process begins. Prospective adoptive parents can only move forward with adoption when a child is deemed legally adoptable. Once a child is placed with a foster parent, there is usually a six to twelve month transition period from fostering to adoption. This process can often be accelerated if the child has been with the family for over six months. After licensing and selecting an attorney, the finalization of the adoption can occur. If you are looking for an adoption lawyer in Cedar Park, TX, visit Jackson Law Firm today for all of your adoption and family counsel needs.

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