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In Round Rock, Texas as in most other areas of the country, the adoption process is designed to protect the child. Certain rules and legalities must be followed. It is a situation that calls for the legal expertise that is best provided by a competent Round Rock adoption attorney.

The adoptive parent or parents need not be married or, if applicable have a partner to qualify – but must comply with the following guidelines:

  • He/she must be a mature individual at least 21 years of age. His finances should be stable and provide enough income to support the child.
  • He/she must complete the required application form and answer all questions about themselves, their lifestyle and their background.
  • He/she should provide investigators references that include relatives and non-relatives.
  • The adopting person’s marriage or divorce status must be confirmed.
  • The adopting party must allow the adoption agency to perform a home visit and study with the entire existing family.

The adopting party must subject themselves to a criminal background check, including records of any convictions or reports of child abuse. This also includes the records of any and all adults living in the adoptive home.

To further protect the child, the adopting party also must attend a free course in how to care for abused and neglected children, this will indicate to the courts and the adoption agency that the adoption is right for all concerned. Your Round Rock Adoption Attorney will assist you with these requirements.

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