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In the present world, marriages break down very often. It is, therefore, important to have an attorney at hand, whom you can consult when it comes to the division of matrimonial property. A property division attorney will not only be useful during a divorce but will also advise you on how to relate to your partner in matters concerning the property.

If you are a resident of Round Rock, then getting a good Round Rock property division attorney may not be a difficult task because many attorneys are practicing today. The law of Texas determines property division in Round Rock depending on whether the property is community property or separate property. The law assumes that any property acquired by either the husband or the wife during marriage is community property, meaning the couple owns the property equally. In such a case, each party gets a half of that property if they divorce.

In instances where one of the two parties to the marriage claims that they own some of the property separately, they have to prove that before the law. It is important to note that even if the property is separate, any profits made from it are common property when one is in the marriage. The earnings of both parties in a marriage are also common property.

Any individual in need of the services of a Round Rock property division attorney should look no further than the Jackson Law Firm. The attorney will offer professional advice on the division of property. He or she will also be of great assistance when determining if the assets you own are common or separate property. With the right guidance from a lawyer, dividing your matrimonial assets will be easier because you will decide from a point of understanding.