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What is a Guardianship?

The purpose of a guardianship is the protection of people from abuse, neglect or exploitation. Both the person and the estate of an individual might be protected by guardianship. Orders of guardianship are entered when an individual becomes incapacitated by illness, injury or a mental condition. Orders might be temporary or permanent. When a temporary order lapses by time, all powers and duties of the guardian expire.

Texas law calls the incapacitated person a ward. The ward can be either an adult or a person under the age of 18. An incapacitated person is generally unable to attend to their own physical health and hygiene, provide themselves with food and shelter and/or manage their own finances. The scope of the guardian’s office can be limited or complete, depending on what the proposed ward is able or unable to effectively do. Applications for guardianship are ordinarily heard in the Texas probate courts.

If you’re considering a guardianship in Williamson County, you’ll want to speak with the Round Rock guardianship attorneys at the Jackson Law Firm. The decision to seek a guardianship might be sudden and emotional, and your judgment can be clouded and affected by the circumstances. Should a predicament like that fall into your lap, you’ll want to contact the Jackson Law Firm. All personnel in the firm are experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate. Because they’ve been through the guardianship process time and time again, they simplify each and every step for you. With a Round Rock guardianship attorney from the Jackson Law Firm, your understanding of what transpires throughout the guardianship application and hearings will be full and complete.

If you have questions regarding a Williamson County guardianship of the person, estate or both,¬†contact the Jackson Law Firm. We’ll simplify and humanize the entire process for you.