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Understanding The Texas Probate Process

If a loved one passes away unexpectedly, dealing with the grief and shock can be difficult enough without having to carry the burden of legal requirements. At the Jackson Law Firm, we will take that weight off your shoulders. Our Round Rock probate attorneys are here to guide you through the Texas probate and estate administration process as smoothly and easily as possible.

In essence, here is what to expect:

  1. We will file a probate application in the appropriate Texas court.
  2. During a 10-day waiting period, the county clerk will post a notice in the courthouse. This allows anyone a chance to contest the will.
  3. The probate judge will conduct a hearing, during which he or she will appoint an executor of the estate and determine whether the will is valid or invalid. (If the deceased died intestate or without a will, additional steps must be taken.)
  4. We will file an inventory of the decedent’s property and assets.
  5. Any creditors will have a chance to seek repayment of the debts.
  6. We will help distribute the final assets to the heirs or beneficiaries.

Have A Contested Will? Contact Lawyers Serving All Of Williamson County And Beyond

If you are caught up in a dispute over a will, we can advise and represent you. We are familiar with the issues involved in will contests, such as claims of undue influence.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced Williamson County lawyer, call the Jackson Law Firm at (512) 528-1900, or send us an email. We respond to messages promptly and accept credit cards. We also offer after-hours appointments as necessary.