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Round Rock Child Custody Attorney

Getting divorced is emotional enough, but due to the complexity of custody issues, reaching an agreement on child custody can be exhausting. When parents aren’t able to reach a custodial agreement, the family law court will make a decision. The court will consider the wishes of both parents along with other significant factors, but in the end, the paramount consideration for a judge will be the best interests of the child. At the Jackson Law Firm, an experienced and compassionate Round Rock child custody attorney can work with you through the issues involved in determining child custody.

The Round Rock-based Jackson law firm is here to help you protect, preserve and nurture your relationship with your children. Sometimes a judge will consider the opinions of evaluators, psychologists, social workers or even independent attorneys that interview parents and children for purposes of giving their recommendations. The Round Rock Texas attorneys at the Jackson Law Firm are experienced in working with these professionals to fashion creative individualized solutions that operate in the best interests of the child while also operating to maximize your parenting time.

Child custody disputes can be prolonged and expensive. That’s why the Round Rock attorneys at the Jackson Law Firm make every effort at settling custody issues without the need for hearings or trials. When issues can’t be resolved amicably, the Jackson Law Firm will stand by the best interests of you and your children. Our experience will help you with the solutions that will keep you a vital part of the lives of your children. Whether you’re seeking a divorce, or you were never married but have a child, contact us when you’re searching for a Round Rock child custody attorney. Texas law provides you with many legal options. We can advise you of those options and guide you through them with creative solutions.