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What happens if i don´t want to get divorced?

Posted by admin on July 4, 2017

What Happens If I Don’t Want to Get Divorced?

Many people are blind-sighted when their spouses ask for a divorce. In some instances, they knew that their marriage was in trouble. However, they likely didn’t know that it was beyond repair. In fact, when most individuals seeking an Austin divorce lawyer, ask us what to do if they want to get the divorce, we tell them to follow these steps:

1. Do not beg your spouse. The worst thing you can do is to ask your partner to not get a divorce. If you beg, plead and cry and try to keep them from leaving, they will most likely leave. If they have asked you for a divorce, they have probably been planning this for a while, so no amount of begging will keep them from leaving. However, if they insist that you leave then you can politely refuse. It will be harder to work things out in separate locations.

2. Do not make the situation worst. If you’ve been doing things to annoy your spouse, stop. If you’ve been unfaithful, don’t have any more affairs. If you’ve been hard to get along with, make an effort to be nicer. Whatever you do, don’t aggravate your spouse any more by doing those things that are driving them away .

3. Don’t pressure them to work things out. Whatever you do, don’t put pressure on your spouse to working out your relationship. If you ask once and they say , “no” then don’t ask again. Ex. Counseling. Although you should set healthy boundaries, any efforts on your part will likely be seen as smothering and cause them to feel more trapped.

4. Obtain competent legal counsel from an Austin divorce lawyer. Although no one wants to think about divorce, it is important that you understand the legal process. It is as follows:

a. You will file a comprehensive divorce petition that includes relevant information like how many children you have, why the marriage should end, all your marital assets, etc. They will also file other forms.

b. Once the petition has bene filed, you will be notified via certified mail or other means. At that time you’ll receive a copy of the petition, and a court approved notice. You’ll then be told how long you have to respond.

c. If you can’t be found, your spouse will file a publish notice of the divorce petition that will include date it was filed, when hearing will be, how much time you can respond, etc. This notice will be published for a certain amount of days in your county newspaper.

d. If you don’t respond to the papers or the petition, you will receive a final hearing on the status of the divorce. The judge can then award a divorce judgment by default if you don’t appear.

It is extremely hard when your spouse wants a divorce, and you don’t. However, there may still be a way to save your marriage. Just remember to be strong, not beg, don’t make the situation worst, don’t put pressure on your spouse and know your legal rights by contacting an Austin, divorce lawyer. By doing this, you may be able to halt the divorce proceedings in their tracks. At the very least, you’ll be prepared for any pending legal action your spouse pursues.

Divorces are heart-wrenching and painful, call Jackson Law Firm to help you navigate through this complicated process. We’re here for you!

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