Preparing for Your Divorce Case

Posted by admin on April 20, 2020
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In recent times, many of us are hunkered down in our homes with our families. This can be a difficult time to face challenges in your marriage, as you might be spending all day, every day at home with your spouse. If you have been considering a possible divorce, there are steps you can take during this time to prepare for a potential case. The Jackson Law Firm is ready to stand up for your rights with experienced divorce lawyers.

Speak with a Cedar Park Divorce Lawyer

Many people put off filing for divorce simply because they do not fully understand the legal process. Discussing how a divorce case works can help ease your concerns and help you know what to expect. A lawyer can assess your situation and let you know how your case might proceed, including estimated timelines based on how well you anticipate cooperating with your spouse throughout the process. A lawyer can also tell you what information you can begin collecting so you are ready to file when the time comes.

Gathering Information and Documentation

Filing for divorce requires a substantial amount of information about your marriage, children, and property. It is helpful to have this information accessible when it is time for your attorney to draft your petition so you can prevent unnecessary delays. Some information you might want to gather includes:


  1. Your social security numbers and cards for all family members
  2. Birth certificates for your children
  3. Your marriage certificate
  4. All account numbers, online usernames, and passwords for your financial accounts
  5. Statements for all credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, and other debts
  6. An inventory of your personal property in your home
  7. Titles to your home and vehicles
  8. Income statements and tax returns
  9. Investment and retirement account information


There might be other information relevant to your situation, such as business records and returns if you and/or your spouse own a business. An attorney can best direct you when it comes to the information you might need. It is important to ensure you have access to all of your financial information. This is not only because you need to inform the court of your financial situation, but also to make sure that your spouse does not try to conceal assets or property from you during your divorce. 


In some cases – if you and your spouse are on relatively civil terms –  you might want to begin discussing how you might resolve certain issues, such as property division and child custody. Having an agreement from the start can often save you time, money, and other resources when it comes time to initiate your divorce case.

Consult with a Cedar Park Divorce Attorney about Your Case

The Jackson Law Firm handles all types of divorce cases, and we often begin advising clients about their options when divorce is a consideration and not a certainty. Whether you are wondering about the process, would like to start gathering paperwork, or are ready to file a divorce petition, our Cedar Park divorce attorneys can help. Contact us online or call (512) 528-1900 for your consultation today.

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