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What does an immigration lawyer do?

Posted by admin on May 22, 2017

Since January 2017, the issue of immigration in the United States has become very intricate and difficult due to the draconian measures taken by the Trump administration.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as well as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agencies have been very active in terms of locating immigrants whose legal status in the country has not been formalized, and the pace of deportation orders has increased significantly. As a result of this heightened activity, the services provided by an Austin immigration lawyer have become more crucial than ever.

The work of an Austin immigration lawyer in 2017 consists of protecting clients from the drastic measures enacted by the Trump administration; in other words, arguing the validity of deportation and removal orders. The Executive Orders signed by the President have been challenged in court, and thus they cannot be arbitrarily enforced; however, ICE agents continue to round up immigrants affected by these orders. It is up to skilled attorneys to ensure that ICE and USCIS do not infringe upon the rights of immigrants by ignoring the decisions of federal courts with regard to the Executive Orders on immigration.

The Importance of Adequate Representation

Law firms that specialize on immigration matters do not limit their work to helping undocumented immigrants who may be at risk of being deported. Immigration attorneys also assist clients with the legal paperwork required to obtain visas, work permits, residency petitions, and naturalization. These legal professionals can represent clients in immigration court and can also evaluate detentions and arrests to see if they were conducted within the limits of Texas law. In Trump’s America, adequate legal counsel and representation has become a vital necessity for immigrants.

If you have a legal issue pending with the USCIS, contact the Jackson Law Firm and speak with a seasoned Austin immigration attorney in Austin, Texas.

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