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What Happens If My Application for Naturalization is Denied?

Posted by admin on February 18, 2019

The N-400 naturalization application is typically the last hurdle that lawful permanent residents must clear to become full-fledged United States citizens. This application process often involves overcoming rejections and denials.

What is the N-400 Naturalization Application?

The final step towards American citizenship is the N-400 naturalization application process often referred to as “Green Card Holders”.  Individuals arriving at this step, have often established residency and taken the citizenship exams. More recently, the N-400 process has become more complex. What was once a simple, four-page application has mushroomed into a 21-page ordeal. Correlatively, the number of N-400 rejections has also ballooned.

Your application could get derailed by a single error. Williamson County applicants are encouraged to consult with a Cedar Park immigration attorney before submitting their paperwork.

The USCIS Denied My Application for Naturalization. Now What?

Being informed that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has rejected your N-400 application for naturalization is not good news.. Procuring a knowledgeable attorney is the best way to address these naturalization and immigration issues.  An attorney will help you in handling the initial rejection and many candidates go on to become citizens.

Common Reasons the USCIS Rejects Applications for Naturalization

Authorities reject applications for a variety of reasons. At times, a failed civics or English exam is to blame. The USCIS can reject your application for what they call, “good moral character.” Another common problem is excessive travel. Green card holders can travel, but naturalization applicants must remain stateside for at least five years before becoming a citizen.  Every time you leave the country, it impacts on your stateside stability. You need our attorneys at the Jackson Firm to guide you through these immigration laws and restrictions.

A Williamson County Immigration Attorney Can Help with the N-400 Appeals Process

If you live in Williamson County and receive an N-400 denial, contact a Round Rock immigration lawyer at our Jackson Firm. They will listen to your circumstances and provide options on how to address your application issues. For most rejection cases, applicants will need to submit an N-336 case review request which must be done within 30 days.

The N-336 reviews will be done by a different USCIS officer who will decide to uphold or overturn their colleague’s original decision. If the new officer reverses the rejection, then you are on your way to getting approved. If he/she agrees with the denial, the next step is a federal district court appeal for a “de novo” review. This process is time sensitive and applicants must submit a motion within 120 days of an N-336 review process. These are further reasons to have a savvy, experienced attorney who knows immigration laws.  

Connect with a Central Texas Immigration Lawyer

If authorities have rejected your N-400 application and you need the help of a Central Texas immigration lawyer, either a Cedar Park immigration attorney or a Round Rock immigration lawyer, contact the Jackson Firm. We have the needed experience and regularly help green card holders overcome the N-400 naturalization obstacles. Call us today, we’ll guide you through the process!

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