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What are the grounds that can grant me an annulment?

Posted by admin on August 21, 2017

Despite your own honorable intentions at the altar, you may find yourself the victim of a less than noble spouse. When until death do you part is no longer a possibility for your union, you should find out under what circumstances you could be granted an annulment in Texas.

Legal Reasons for an Annulment

The state of Texas like most other states in the U.S. allow for specific circumstances that could negate the intention and integrity of a marital union. Some of the most common reasons that a judge in Texas might grant you an annulment of your marriage include:

  • fraud or misrepresentation, which can include lying about wanting children, already being married, or getting married to gain citizenship
  • concealment, or hiding vital information like having an STD, suffering from a substance addiction, or being sterile
  • misunderstanding, or misstating one’s basis for getting married
  • impotency
  • incest
  • lack of consent to the marriage

Proving any of these circumstances requires the presentation of clear and indisputable evidence. You need a skilled legal representative like a Round Rock Divorce Attorney to help you gather that proof and present it in a concise and assertive way in court.

Other Factors to Consider

Like a divorce, an annulment ends a marriage and essentially stipulates that it never legally existed. Even so, you may have marital factors to consider when filing your petition in court. A Round Rock Divorce Attorney can help you settle matters like:

  • child custody
  • division of joint assets like bank accounts
  • child support
  • reinstatement of your maiden last name

Without these matters being settled, they could interfere with your ability to get an annulment rather than a divorce.

Texas grants annulments under specific circumstances. You can get the legal guidance you need to file for an annulment of your marriage by contacting the Jackson Law Firm today.

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