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Talking to Your Children about Divorce

Posted by admin on January 13, 2020
Round Rock Divorce Attorneys, how to talk to your kids about divorce.

If you are facing a divorce and have children at home, there is no easy way to tell them, and there’s no way to spare them from what’s to come. While there is no right answer when it comes to talking to your children about divorce, there are things that you can do to help make the process less painful for your children. If you’re preparing to divorce, an experienced Round Rock divorce attorney can help.

Set the Scene

No matter how you slice it, telling your children that you’re getting a divorce is going to be difficult for them. In fact, children almost universally remember the occasion for the rest of their lives, which testifies to the trauma involved. As such, it’s important to consider how you’re going to tell your children in the first place. This is a situation in which the basics apply, and this means:

  1. Tell your children together (this helps to dispel the notion that it’s the other parent’s fault).
  2. Tell all of your children at the same time – you don’t want your older children to bear the burden of keeping a secret from your younger children.
  3. Keep the mood as neutral as you can. While a light mood would be inappropriate, there is no reason to be overly dramatic or maudlin.
  4. Present a united front – you’ve made the adult decision to get a divorce, and you need to present this decision to your children in an adult manner. No matter how contentious your divorce, put this aside to the degree that it is possible when it’s time to tell your children.

Allow Your Children to Have Their Own Feelings

Children react to divorce in different ways, and it’s important to honor your children’s feelings – even as you help them address those feelings as necessary. For example:

  1. Some children are relieved that the negativity that predicated your divorce is over.
  2. Some children are embarrassed to be confronted with adult issues.
  3. Some children are ashamed because they feel to blame in some capacity.
  4. Some children are grief-stricken at the thought of no longer living as an entire family.

Some children have all of these feelings and more – or any combination of these feelings – and some children’s feelings change on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis. Allow your children to own their feelings, but make sure that you effectively make the point that they are in no way to blame for the divorce. Divorce is an adult issue for which adults alone are responsible.

If You Are Facing Divorce, Consult with an Experienced Round Rock Divorce Attorney Today

Nothing about divorce is easy, but talking to your children about divorce is definitely one of the most difficult tasks you’ll face. The experienced divorce attorneys at The Jackson Law Firm in Round Rock, Texas, are committed to helping you address all of your divorce concerns – while skillfully advocating for results that work for you and your children. For more information and to schedule a free initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact or call us at (512) 528-1900 today.

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