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My Ex Partner Has Stopped Paying Child Support. What Can I Do?

Posted by admin on February 20, 2017

In case a noncustodial parent fails to make payments after a child support order, you can go back to court and file for an administrative action. This means asking a judge to enforce the delinquent parent to adhere to the support order. In such a situation, you can choose to file the case on your own and represent yourself in court, or you can decide to hire a Cedar Park Child Support Lawyer to handle the case on your behalf.

The judge will have several choices, and it’s not an uncommon thing for judges to jail or impose fines on delinquent parents due to contempt of court. The judge can also decide to make the delinquent parent pay some of the outstanding child support for him or her to be released from jail. However, to protect your rights during the process, ensure that you consult an experienced Cedar Park Child Support Lawyer.

Child Support Enforcement in Texas

The Attorney General Office has a CSD (Child Support Division) that has the responsibility of providing child support to both non-receiving and receiving parents. State and federal laws require that the CSD offers the following services:

  • Suspending the driver’s license of the delinquent parents, professional certificates, licenses, and game licenses
  • Filing a lien on the properties of delinquent parents
  • Intercepting federal income tax refunds, lottery winnings, and other state or federal monies
  • Collaborating with other states in case the paying parent moves to a different state
  • Locating the employer of the paying parent and ensure that the child support is deducted from the paychecks.
  • Asking the judge to jail the parent

The CSD and family court judges have powerful financial and legal tools that can help you obtain payment from your ex. However, the tools the CSD and courts use will depend on your case. To protect the future of your child or children, contact Jackson Law Firm today.

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