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Do You Need Legal Help for an Adoption?

Posted by admin on September 2, 2019
Round Rock Family Law and Adoption Attorneys

Bringing a new child into your family is one of life’s greatest gifts, and an adoption is a great option. The fact is, however, that adoption is also a complex legal process that is too important not to take extremely seriously. If you are ready to adopt, work closely with a skilled Round Rock family attorney who has extensive experience conducting Texas adoptions. 


The Family Attorney’s Role

Adoption provides adoptive parents with the legal right to raise a child as their own. The adoption process allows both the adoptive parents and the adoptive child-specific legal protections. An experienced family law attorney will provide you with a variety of important legal services:


  1. Help you understand your legal responsibilities and rights
  2. File all necessary legal documents
  3. Advise you regarding your home study, which consists of in-home interviews with a social worker or adoption agency to ensure that you and your home are safe and suitable for raising a child
  4. Represent you at the adoption hearing (if one should arise)


Adopting a child is a huge step, and an experienced family law attorney will help protect your rights and will help ensure that your adoption process goes smoothly.


The Adoption Process

If you are adopting a child, you’re naturally very excited and would like to move things forward as quickly as possible. And when it comes to adopting an infant, time is usually of the essence. Working with a knowledgeable family lawyer will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your legal paperwork is done correctly and you’re hitting all of your deadlines and requirements. A filing mistake or a deadline error can be the difference between a successful adoption and an adoption that does not go through. 


What to Expect from Your Family Attorney

A reputable and experienced family attorney will provide you with a comprehensive outline of the adoption process ahead of you. Further, he or she should make sure that you are comfortable with the process and that you are aware of the inherent risks – because there are no guarantees when it comes to adoption. Adoption is a personal matter, and you should work with an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. Some important signs that you and your attorney are a good fit include:


  • Your attorney’s values as they relate to adoption align closely with your own.
  • Your attorney listens carefully to your questions and concerns and thoughtfully addresses these issues.
  • Your attorney is available to you when you need him or her.


Adoption is far too critical a process to leave to chance.


If You’re Considering Adoption, a Dedicated Round Rock Family Attorney Is Here to Help

Adoption is a beautiful choice, but it’s also a complicated legal process. Working closely with an experienced family lawyer with considerable experience in adoption issues will help ensure that your adoption journey is successful. The experienced family lawyers at The Jackson Law Firm in Round Rock, Texas, are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (512) 528-1900 today.

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