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How to obtain a working visa in the USA?

Posted by admin on January 15, 2018

Under U.S. immigration regulations, if you want to work in the U.S. you must obtain a visa that is specific to the type of job you will be performing. No matter what type of visa you need, your prospective employer must first file a petition, that which U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services must approve before you can apply for a work visa.

According to ( to apply for a visa, you will need to fill out a non-immigrant application form and pay the application fee, have a passport that allows you to travel to the U.S. and a 2×2 photograph.

After USCIS accepts your petition, your employer will receive a notification of approval. You will then need to visit the United States Embassy, where a consular officer will verify the approval and interview you. Ensure that you take your petition receipt number with you for this interview. Also, be aware that a petition approval does not guarantee that you will be issued a visa.

There are several types of visas that allow you to work in the United States according to (

  • An H-1B which permits you to work in a job you have already set up. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in the field which you will work.
  • H-2A visas permit seasonal agricultural work.
  • H-2B visas allow temporary or seasonal work in fields where there is a shortage of American workers.
  • H-3 visas allow training in any field.
  • L-1 visas permit employees of international companies to work in the U.S.

Each request for a working visa is considered individually by a United States consular officer who considers the professional, social and cultural factors during the decision making process. The individual intention and the family situation of the visa applicant may also come into consideration. For more information and assistance regarding immigration laws contact the Jackson Law Firm today.

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