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How to modify a divorce decree in Texas?

Posted by admin on May 11, 2017

When going through a divorce you are not always at your best and you may have signed an agreement that doesn’t make you happy. A post modification divorce attorney can help you right the wrongs of your agreement or adjust the agreement due to a change in circumstances. These changes can include:

• Maintenance: According to the Texas Family Code a spouse can ask for support if he or she relied on the other spouse’s income and had no real income on their own. Often the maintenance is for a certain length of time or will end if the spouse remarries. These adjustments will need to be changed for these circumstances. A post modification divorce attorney can help.

• Child support: In many cases, one of the spouses is required to help support the minor children financially. The amount may need to be adjusted if either spouse has a change in economic circumstances.

• Custody or visitation. The Uniform Parentage Act set guidelines at to parental rights when the parents are no longer or have never been married. Parents may be denied visitation due to a history of mental instability or violence. This situation may not have been recognized during the divorce proceedings. Or the situation could have improved and a parent may want more time with the child. A post modification divorce attorney can guide parents through these and other changes.

• Request for annulment. Though it happens less today than in previous eras, a divorced spouse may want to annul a marriage for religious reasons.

Don’t try to work out modifications to your divorce on your own. Call the Jackson Law Firm in Austin, Texas for help in working out the situation for your good.

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