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Child custody

How to file for child custody?

Posted by admin on August 16, 2017

A parent files for child custody by either filing for divorce or filing a paternity action in court. A divorce action creates a custody order and parenting time schedule as part of the divorce proceedings. A paternity action establishes a second legal parent along with custody and a parenting time schedule.

In both cases, a parent needs to work with a Round Rock child custody attorney in order to prepare the appropriate documents to ask for custody and parenting time. The parent must file the papers in the right court and serve the other parent with a copy. Then, the court litigates the issues of custody and parenting time.

In order to win custody, the parent must present evidence and convincing arguments for the court about why they should have custody. This might involve proving the child’s bond with the parent, proving the parent’s mental and physical fitness and showing the court that the parent is capable of caring for the child in a stable home. The court looks at the evidence to determine the best interests of the child.

The court can award sole custody, joint custody or both. An older child may express an opinion, but it’s not binding on the court. If the parents are able to agree on custody and a parenting time schedule, the court typically follows the agreement. The court also establishes child support as part of these proceedings. It’s important to prepare an accurate picture of each parent’s income, so that the court can calculate an appropriate amount of support.

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