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Child custody

How can a father win full custody in Round Rock?

Posted by brian on June 22, 2018
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As a single father, there is nothing that you want more than full custody of your child. You want to do more than pay child support. You want to be your son or daughter’s main support system. You want to know that your little one is safe and sound under your roof, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your child is protected and cared for under your supervision. In order to make that happen in Texas, you need expert legal assistance in order to prove your case.

Typically, a judge is going to lean toward joint custody in any state across the nation, including Texas. In most cases, it is believed that children will benefit when custody is shared by both parents. In your case, you may believe that the best possible placement will be with you as you move beyond making child support payments in order to become the full-time caregiver for your child. You’ll need to go through a process in order to request full custody. Plan on completing the following steps:

  • File a petition with a Round Rock court requesting full custody
  • Be prepared to attend numerous hearings regarding your petition
  • Bring proof to your hearings to justify a ruling of full custody with you
  • Prepare arguments to defend your request to your child’s mother and attorneys

It’s not a good idea to try to do this alone. You could win full custody, but it won’t be easy. You’re going to need to build a strong case that supports your request, proving you are up to date on all child support payments, you have a strong bond with your child, you are involved in your child’s life, and you have a safe environment with adequate space for your child. You need to have a plan of action as you take this major step in your life.

An experienced child support attorney like Justin Jackson can help you as you take on this legal battle in Round Rock, TX. Call the Jackson Law Firm to guide you through the legal process as you fight for full custody of your child.

For more information on our Round Rock Child Support Attorney, please visit our site.

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