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How can a durable family power of attorney help me?

Posted by admin on July 10, 2017

A durable family power of attorney can be a powerful tool in financial and health care planning. It can help protect your rights, it eliminates the need for a guardian, and it protects your assets. It can be very effective when correctly executed.

A durable family power of attorney is a legal document that hands over power to manage your affairs if you should become incapacitated or otherwise unable to manage your affairs. It is written by a family attorney who ensures that it conforms to applicable laws and is valid for its intended use. If you are in Austin, a good Austin family attorney can ensure that you have a strong power of attorney.

Protects Your Rights
A durable family power of attorney can provide protection for you and your rights if you are incapacitated. You choose who will have the power to handle your affairs and who makes choices for you if you are unable to make those choices yourself. You can choose who you can trust to take care of you. They aren’t just useful for protecting your medical rights, but they can be used for taking care of your financial affairs.

Eliminates Need for Guardian
A durable power of attorney eliminates the need for a guardian. Usually, when someone becomes incapacitated and unable to take care of their affairs, the courts can step in and appoint a guardian. This guardian may not carry out your wishes and will protect your rights only in the way that they feel is best. Your Austin family attorney can write a durable power of attorney so that a court does not have to step in and appoint someone to manage your affairs.

Protects Your Assets
A durable power of attorney is a key tool in protecting your assets. If you are unable to take care of your assets, someone is able to immediately jump in and take care of them. They can ensure that the assets are properly taken care of and managed as you would manage them. This protects their value and ensures that they can continue generating income for you and your family.

A durable family power of attorney can give you the protection you need. If you are ready to protect your rights and assets, contact Jackson Law Firm. They are your Austin family attorney located in Austin, Texas.

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