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How Financial Experts Can Help in Your Divorce Case

Posted by brian on August 5, 2019
How a financial advice could help during ypur Cedar Park Divorce case

After child custody, the number one concern in nearly every divorce is how your marital property will be divided. This division will affect your finances well into your future, and it is obviously important to get it right. In the State of Texas, the court’s objective is the just and right division of community property – rather than an equal 50/50 division. Some couples have finances that are straightforward, and the division of property follows suit. If your divorce involves high assets, a business, multiple properties, or other complicating factors, however, you’ll likely need a financial expert on your side. If you are facing a divorce with complicated financial issues, you need an experienced Cedar Park divorce lawyer on your side from the start.

High Asset Divorce

If your divorce involves high assets, there are obviously more financial concerns to take into consideration. High asset divorce typically means complicated financials that require the professional assessment of a financial expert. Investments, financial holdings, and other financial products can become very complicated very quickly. An experienced financial analyst will perform the work necessary to help keep values in perspective and to help keep dealings transparent. Your dedicated Cedar Park divorce lawyer understands the financial services you require and will hire the financial expert you need.    

Hidden Assets

The fact is that divorce is often turbulent, and spouses have been known to hide assets in order to come out ahead financially. While this is obviously unscrupulous, it can be difficult to prove without the professional services of a forensic accountant. There are a variety of warning signs that your spouse may be hiding assets, including:

  1. If your spouse – alone – controls your family’s financials 
  2. If your spouse provides incomplete, vague, or false responses to your requests for discovery
  3. If your spouse is living a more lavish lifestyle than he or she should be able to afford according to reported income and assets
  4. If your spouse makes large transfers and/or payments from account to account
  5. If your spouse shows a sudden and unexplained drop in income or assets

If you think your spouse may be hiding marital assets, your experienced Cedar Park divorce attorney can help.

Further Considerations

In addition to calculating your marital assets, there are other financial considerations that need to be assessed. High earners, for example, are typically compensated with a variety of financial tools that go well beyond salary. Determining this value is important not only for the division of marital property but also for accurately calculating child support payments. 

Additionally, post-judgment obligations can come into play in divorces that involve complicated financial matters. This generally means that the division of a specific property will not be made until a specified date or occurrence (such as the sale of a business). Such concerns require the professional services of a financial expert to help ensure that your rights are well protected throughout the divorce process and beyond. 

If Your Divorce Involves Complicated Financials, Consult with an Experienced Cedar Park, Texas, Divorce Lawyer Today  

Complicated financial issues call for the expertise of financial professionals. The experienced divorce lawyers at Jackson Law Firm in Cedar Park understand the financial questions unique to your divorce and will hire the financial experts you need. Our dedicated legal team is here to help, so please contact or call us at (512) 528-1900 today.

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