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Do i really need an immigration attorney to handle my case?

Posted by admin on June 29, 2017

The cost of immigrating to the USA is ever rising, and this may make you start questioning the wisdom in enlisting the services of immigration attorneys. Granted, not all cases will necessitate the expertise of an immigration lawyer. For example, if you are only visiting the USA, you may not even need to apply for a visa. Here is a look at instances where you may need an immigration attorney.

Legal Expertise

If you are facing a deportation threat or have a criminal record, it may be wise to seek the help of an Austin immigration attorney. In reality, the process will be hectic if you choose to do it alone since you are bound to make mistakes that will lead to losing the case.

Immigration Problems

Another instance is if you have been deported from the country in the past. Such blocks or restrictions are not always permanent, and a good immigration attorney can help you get back into the country. For example, many people get deported back to their countries of origin because of contracting communicable diseases. Such people will find it hard to handle their cases without legal representation, but an Austin immigration attorney will know exactly how to go about the matter.


If you are a foreigner who just landed a job in Texas, you will definitely need to find an Austin immigration attorney. In some cases, an employer will handle all the legal fees and even get you an attorney. If you choose to manage the case on your own, you could experience long delays since there are many processes involved. It is possible that you will miss a lot of these steps more than once.


Another immigration case that would warrant the help of an attorney is if you and your spouse got separated. Such a case will be complicated since it will be hard to prove that your marriage is not just an excuse for you to stay in the country.

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