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Can a Post Divorce Modification Attorney help modify Child Support?

Posted by brian on January 2, 2019
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Our post divorce Super Lawyer files post divorce modifications of existing child custody and support orders. The Texas Attorney General, explains the modification of child support orders. Your monthly payment amount was ordered by a Texas court, and only a Texas court can change it. If you’re having difficulty making your payments, partial payments are better than none because you owe 6% interest on all past due amounts. Justin M. Jackson devotes 80% of his practice to family law. Cara Leann Surell, his associate, is a certified family law mediator from the Center for Legal and Social Justice Immigration Clinic.

Child Support Payments

Child support payments are based on the parents’ monthly incomes. The payment amount is reduced or increased by a fraction of the costs of medical benefits and child care. The ratio of the amount of time each parent spends with the children is also factored into the calculation of the monthly child support payment. The noncustodial parent must financially support their children.

Modification of Existing Child Support Orders

Child support orders are only modified when substantial changes occur. If your child spends less time with you because you have been arrested, become disabled, or you’ve remarried, the judge may increase rather than decrease your child support payments. The following changes qualify a parent for a modification of a child support order:

  • Parental income increased or decreased.
  • You had another child.
  • Medical benefits changed.
  • Living arrangements changed.

Child Support Review Process

The Texas Attorney General’s office in Austin, Texas, accepts online requests for a Child Support Review, but you can only modify orders that are more than three years old and the new monthly payment amount must differ by at least 20% or $100 of the existing monthly child support payment amount.

Successful Modification of an Existing Order

Paul was anxious about his ability to provide for his children when he walked into Justin M. Jackson’s law office. His wife was demanding his home, his assets, and child support. She forced him to maintain a second residence. The modification Justin obtained was 50/50 custody and an equal division of their community property. He saved my business and reputation. Attorneys at the Jackson Law Firm really will “roll up their sleeves and do the hard work for you!”

The Jackson Law Firm

Contact the Jackson Law Firm today for a free initial consultation with our post divorce family law attorney to discuss modification of your child support order. If you would like to be more involved in your children’s life, Justin M. Jackson will put his skills and abilities to work to modify your existing custody and child support orders. Justin graduated magna cum laude in the top 3% of his class from Texas A&M University and St. Mary’s Law School. He’s interned for Judge Emilio M. Garza at the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and was a staff writer for St. Mary’s Law Journal. The Jackson Law Firm has two convenient offices in Cedar Park and Round Rock, Texas.

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