Should You Date During Your Divorce Case?

Posted by brian on December 2, 2019
Dating during a divorce? Cedar Park Divorce Attorneys are here to explain.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding dating while your divorce case is pending. Everyone moves forward at their own pace – just as every divorce case proceeds in accordance with its own specific circumstances. It is, however, important to recognize that returning to dating before your divorce is finalized can create problems of its own. If you have divorce concerns, consult with an experienced Cedar Park divorce attorney today.

The Potential Legal Pitfalls of Dating Pre-Divorce

A divorce is a unique legal proceeding in which many of the personal details of your life may be scrutinized by attorneys and can end up in court. Any ambiguous information – such as actively dating – could sway the outcome of your divorce. Although the law takes no direct stance regarding dating during divorce, and can’t overtly punish you for doing so, the fact of your dating can affect the outcome in more covert ways.

Your Divorce Case

You are going through a divorce, and it’s never easy. If you begin dating during the process, it can provide your divorcing spouse with subtle advantages that could negatively affect what you come away with post-divorce. These advantages can include:


  • If you’re dating, your spouse could claim that it interferes with your parenting and the amount of time and attention you expend on your children. This is especially pertinent if your new partner spends a significant amount of time with you and your children, and it could make your child custody arrangements less favorable for you.
  • If you’re spending both time and money – in the form of gifts, dinners out, vacations, and/or financial help – on your new romantic partner, your spouse may claim that you’re spending down marital assets that belong to both of you. This could negatively affect the division of those assets in your divorce.
  • If you and your new partner combine your households while your divorce is pending, it may preclude you from receiving spousal support and/or it could negatively affect the division of your marital property.

Emotional Consequences

If you’re moving on more quickly than your spouse, it’s important to consider how this fact could tip the balance in your divorce. If your divorce is proceeding fairly amicably, introducing a new romantic partner into the picture could change that in an instant. If, on the other hand, your divorce is contentious to begin with, dating could amp up the drama and heartache. Only you know what is right for you, but it’s worth considering the ramifications of dating during the divorce process.

If You Are Facing a Divorce, Consult with an Experienced Cedar Park Divorce Attorney Today

Divorce is complicated in the best of times.  There are, however, things that you can do to help yours proceed as smoothly as possible, and the dedicated divorce attorneys at The Jackson Law Firm in Cedar Park, Texas, can help. Whatever your divorce concerns, our experienced legal team is committed to advocating tirelessly on behalf of your rights. To learn more and to schedule a free initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call us at (512) 528-1900 today.

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