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Is Collaborative Divorce a Good Choice?

Posted by admin on March 14, 2019
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Where collaborative divorce is concerned, Texas has been a leader since 1991. Since that year, Texans have had the ability to avoid public, contentious divorce, and instead, reconcile their differences in a more cooperative environment. While it’s a great choice for many of the state’s couples, it’s not right for everyone. Read on to learn about the benefits of collaborative divorce in the state of Texas.

Lower Fees Than in Litigated Divorces

If a client is involved in a conflict-ridden, litigated divorce, the process may drag on for weeks, months, or even years. With help from a Cedar Park divorce lawyer who focuses on collaborative law, clients are more likely to keep legal fees under control.

Less Contention and a Quicker Resolution

Collaborative divorce allows couples to resolve their differences with a civil, non-emotional approach. A Cedar Park divorce attorney may tell a client that these cases not only move more quickly, but they typically result in less controversy and acrimony than litigated divorces.

Keeping the Case Out of the Public Eye

Collaborative divorce offers a high degree of confidentiality. The process is driven by the couple, not the courts, and proceedings are held behind closed doors. Whereas in a litigated divorce, documents filed with the clerk of the court may become part of the public record, unless a Round Rock divorce lawyer takes steps to seal these documents. If a client wants to keep his or her personal affairs confidential, the collaborative method is the preferred choice.

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Co-Parenting Relationship

When children are in the picture, a Texas collaborative divorce gives parents the opportunity to work through their differences with the help of neutral parties and a Cedar Park divorce lawyer on each side. Collaborative divorce provides the right environment for parents to resolve matters of child visitation and custody, and in many instances, it’s better for the children in the long term.

A Better Option for Clients Who Want to Reconcile

In cases where clients want to reconcile with their spouses, a Cedar Park divorce attorney may encourage them to consider collaborative divorce options. When the goal is reconciliation, the odds to achieve this goal is much higher via a collaborative approach. Not only does the collaborative process give the spouses more face-to-face time, but clients are also more likely to treat each other with honesty, respect, and dignity.

Call Today for More Information on Collaborative Divorce in Texas!

Though collaborative law is a smart choice for many divorcing couples, in some situations, litigation makes sense. For instance, when parties are on different emotional or financial levels, or when domestic violence is involved, collaborative divorce may not be the best choice. Before choosing a strategy, consult a Round Rock divorce lawyer with extensive experience handling and litigating collaborative divorces in Texas. Visit us online and fill out the contact form or call The Jackson Firm today to request a preliminary consultation.

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