How Children Can Complicate Your Divorce Case

Posted by brian on February 17, 2020
Cedar Park Texas Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process in Texas, including issues surrounding children, is spelled out in the Texas Family Code. For couples who do not have minor children, divorce has the potential to be a relatively simple and straightforward process. When a couple has children, the divorce gets more complicated with issues of child support and child custody. If the spouses cannot agree on these crucial issues, the divorce has the potential to get messy.

When you hire a dedicated divorce attorney in Cedar Park, you can have a better chance at resolving child custody and child support as well as other issues quicker and in the way that you want them to be resolved.

Do You Have to Include Children in a Divorce?

Due to the joint nature of having children together, any couples who have minor children need to include them in their divorce. Several issues must be determined when children are involved. These typically include:

  • Child custody and conservatorship (legal custody): Who the children will live with and which parent will legally make decisions on behalf of the children such as where they will go to school or what doctor to see
  • Child visitation and possession orders: When each parent (or sometimes a nonparent) has the right to time with a child
  • Child support, medical support, and dental support​: Money paid in support of the children and insurance coverage for the children

You should speak with your Cedar Park divorce attorney about your desires for all of the above issues. Your attorney can help you understand what the chances are that you will get what you want and discuss a strategy to do so.

The Complex Issues Children Bring to a Divorce

For couples that are parents of minor children, a divorce can be more expensive and take a longer time to become finalized. Just as couples with more assets may have a more complicated divorce, having children does the same thing. However, if both parents can work together and be willing to compromise, they might be able to reach an agreement sooner in the process.  This will help cut down on the cost of the divorce and the time it takes until it is finalized.

Are You a Parent Getting Divorced? Call a Compassionate Cedar Park Divorce Lawyer for Help

Even simple divorces with no children and minimal assets can be overwhelming to both spouses. When there are children involved, your anxiety and uncertainty are likely even higher.  With so many issues to be worked out, you want a compassionate divorce lawyer in Cedar Park to ensure that you understand them before making decisions that will impact you and your children for many years to come. They can advise you of your legal rights in a divorce with children and help you negotiate an agreement about the issues that involve your children. Without the right attorney, you may not be aware of or understand your rights and options.

For help with issues surrounding children in a divorce, schedule your consultation with the Jackson Law Firm today. Contact us by phone at (512) 960-2013 or online.

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