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Can I change lawyers in the middle of my case?

Posted by admin on November 6, 2017

If you’re not happy with your relationship with your current attorney, you might wonder what your options are. You might be frustrated with how long it takes them to return phone calls. You might feel that they’re not compassionate or understanding enough about your situation. Fortunately, if you’re at a crossroads with your attorney, you may be able to make a substitution of counsel.

In most cases, you can change lawyers in the middle of your case. This is called a withdrawal and substitution of counsel. Your current attorney completes paperwork saying that they’re no longer acting as your attorney. Your new attorney files their own paperwork saying that they’re added to the case.

To complete a withdrawal of counsel, your attorney must follow Rule 10 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. The attorney must file the paperwork in writing. It must include the complete contact information of the attorney that’s going to represent you from then on. The attorney leaving the case must make sure that you get a signed copy of the paperwork.

With a few exceptions, the courts generally allow you to change lawyers in the middle of the case. Justin Jackson and his legal team are experienced in representing clients who have already begun their case with another lawyer. They know how to file the paperwork quickly and get up to speed.

The only time that a court may not allow you to substitute counsel would be if it causes an unreasonable delay. For example, if the court noticed your trial three months ago and it’s the night before trial, they may not agree to the substitution because it would delay the trial. The court will look at whether you’re trying to use the substitution of counsel as a delay tactic.

If you’re not sure if things are working out with your current attorney, Justin Jackson and his legal team invite you to call the Jackson Law Firm. They’re happy to evaluate your case and answer your questions. You can explore your options to decide if a substitution of counsel is right for you.

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