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What a Probate Attorney can do for you

Posted by brian on June 11, 2018

A probate attorney handles any legal case that involves probate, which is the approval of a will. A good probate attorney answers all questions that you have about the process and guides you through step by step. Learn more about the basic tasks that a probate attorney at The Jackson Firm can do for you.

Approval of Will

The main goal of every probate attorney is to determine the legality of a will and approve the appointing of its executor. After the approval, the executor has the legal right to use the will in a court of law.

Fiduciary Duties

A probate attorney assists the executor in fulfilling fiduciary duties. This attorney makes sure that the estate is distributed correctly because it is common for a deceased person’s property to be mishandled. If that happens, the executor faces legal repercussions.

Debts and Payments

Many people leave behind debts when they die, which may be transferred to their surviving family members. They may also have life insurance policies that need to be paid out to their listed beneficiaries. A probate attorney advises their client on how to pay off debts and distribute insurance payments.


It’s common for a will to be contested. This type of attorney is hired to settle any disagreement that forms between two or more beneficiaries or the beneficiary and the executor. A common argument is that the testator was not mentally competent to create the will.

A death in the family is a burden that becomes even more difficult if there is no will. Family members could spend years battling over a deceased member’s estate. A probate attorney helps to avoid this situation and reduce the stress of dealing with the final stages of death. Contact The Jackson Firm if you are looking for a probate attorney in Round Rock, TX.

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  1. Hazel Owens says:

    That’s interesting that a probate attorney can help approve a will. My grandpa has been sick lately and has been worried about how his will will work once he’s gone. I’ll have to tell him to meet with a lawyer to help him determine the details and appoint an executor.

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