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How to choose a good family law attorney?

Posted by admin on April 10, 2017

If you´re going through a family law situation, such as getting a divorce or trying to secure custody of your children, you are probably looking for a good Austin family attorney. If you don’t have much experience in working with lawyers, you might not be sure of what to look for. These are a few […]

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Difference between biological and legal parenthood?

Posted by admin on January 23, 2017

Parenthood is a journey like no other. Having a little one to take care of can mean monstrous decisions, loads of responsibility, and knowing far more than you ever imagined about taking care of another person. It also mean knowing a love deeper than anything fathomable and knowing a few legal terms. When discussing parenthood […]

Family Law

Who regulates the way assets are divided in a divorce?

Posted by admin on January 18, 2017

When couples divorce, there are issues to deal with. Dividing property and assets is one issue that must be resolved. Here, we discuss how assets and property are divided in Austin, Texas. Separate property According to Texas law, separate property is property that a spouse incurred before the marriage. Generally, the other spouse has no […]


Can Alimony Last The Rest Of My Life As Long As I Don’t Get Re-married?

Posted by admin on November 25, 2016

Getting divorced and expecting that alimony check to last forever? Not so quick. Although alimony payments immediately end after a spouse gets re-married without further court order, alimony also normally does not last the rest of the recipient’s life unless some very specific circumstances exist. The law can be very complicated, which is why it […]


Is A Non-US Citizen Bound By A US Prenuptial Agreement?

Posted by admin on November 17, 2016

Before a U.S. citizen and a non-U.S. citizen go about the teaming process for Green Card access, the American citizen should be aware of the responsibility involved in how a sponsorship works and the mandatory financial obligations regardless of a prenuptial agreement. Signing a Form I-864, which is mandatory in order to sponsor a non-U.S. […]


Can I Claim Money After Death Of My Partner Even If We Were Not Married?

Posted by admin on November 15, 2016

Cohabitating couples, or those involved in a common law marriage, may face a few challenges trying to claim money after their partner died. Fortunately, Texas is one of a few states that does honor common law marriage. An Austin family attorney should be able to help in these cases.


Can I Take My Child Out Of State Or The County Without The Other Parent’s Permission?

Posted by admin on November 11, 2016

Separated parents are often faced with the question of whether they can take a child out of state or the country without the other parent’s permission. The answer to this question is not always clear and may depend on whether there is custody order in place. To avoid any issues, parents in this situation should […]