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Post-Divorce Modifications

Posted by admin on September 21, 2016

Divorce modifications refer to adjustments that may have to be made after the finalization of a divorce. Circumstances change with time, and these may cause your former spouse to seek new orders regarding your divorce agreements. The original order concerning asset and debt divisions usually stand, but other orders may need reviewing.

Types of Modifications

A spouse may go to court to seek alterations to the sharing of child custody. Any number of variables may lead to this kind of modifications, for example, if one parent is not capable of providing care to a child due to health issues. A parent who had limited custody may seek modifications for more time too. Other circumstances include neglect, exposure to domestic violence, emotional and physical abuse, and disagreement on major decisions. An Austin family attorney can help you handle child custody modifications to the benefit of all parties.

Modifications to child support arrangements usually arise when a parent’s financial situation changes. The courts calculate child support based on certain variables that include income capacity, so when that changes, it may be necessary to re-evaluate.

A substantial change in circumstance such as remarriage, cohabitation, retirement, and health care coverage changes can all lead to the modification of alimony. Alterations may be the suspension of alimony, termination or change in amount. An Austin Family attorney can tell you if your divorce agreement allows your spouse to seek alimony modifications.

How it’s Done

A post-divorce modification starts with filing a motion to the court that granted the divorce and then serving it to the other spouse. The recipient of the motion has to respond; after which, a hearing is set. Having a legal professional will help you understand the situation better and provide the best possible solutions. When looking for a family attorney in Austin TX, contact The Jackson Law Firm to gain from its experienced and reputable professionals.

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