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Family Based Immigration in Cedar Park

Some of the most common immigration law services are those related to family-based immigration. In many of these cases, clients are interested in seeking permanent residency for a family member. Often obtained via a green card, the person can then live and work legally within the United States. If you are looking for an experienced attorney to help you with a family-based immigration issue, reach out to the Jackson Law Firm today for immediate assistance.

Experienced And Dedicated Family Immigration Law Counsel

The Jackson Law Firm provides catered and experienced family immigration law counsel. Our lead immigration attorney, Cara L. Surell, has extensive skills and knowledge with this practice area. In addition, she is a member of the American Bar Association General Practice Immigration Committee. She can help you understand the necessary steps that must be taken to sponsor your immediate relative as well as handle any paperwork required. Careful attention must be paid to the instructions for filing a petition and the slightest mistake could create a setback. That is why it is imperative that you seek experienced counsel so that you can help make this sometimes complex process go smoother.

To discuss your family-based immigration matter at the Jackson Law Firm, contact us online today. You can also call us at (512) 528-1900 or toll free at 866-929-2838.

Qualified Immediate Relatives

In order to sponsor an immediate relative for permanent residency within the United States, the sponsor must prove his or her relations with the applicant. In other words, the relative must be qualified. Proof of this relationship must be provided.

First preference goes to more immediate relatives such as a spouse, parent or child. Other preference categories include:

  • (F1) Family First: unmarried daughter or son (21 or over) of a U.S. citizen
  • (F2A) Family Second: unmarried daughter, son (under age of 21) or spouse of a permanent resident
  • (F2B): Family Second: unmarried daughter or son (21 or over) of a permanent resident
  • (F3) Family Third: married daughter or son of a U.S. citizen
  • (F4) Family Fourth: sibling (21 or over) of a U.S. citizen

Once you have filed a petition, you must then wait for your turn to file for a visa. This is based on visa quotas and you will receive a number. Keep in mind, immediate relatives do not have to wait for this as there is no quota. Every situation is different, so it is important to consult with our immigration law attorney.

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