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For those interested in applying for an employment-based visa in the United States, there are two main groups. The first are for those people interested in working in the U.S. on a temporary basis. This class is known as nonimmigrant worker visas. The second group is for those seeking permanent legal residency and should apply for immigrant worker visas. Our seasoned immigration law attorney can help you with either and has extensive knowledge with all types of visas.

Catered Employment-Based Immigration Law

Our lead immigration lawyer, Cara L. Surell, is very experienced in the area of immigration law. She will listen to your concerns and goals and then help you map out a plan in attaining them. Attorney Surell understands that each situation is unique and deserves catered attention. Reach out to the Jackson Law Firm today to talk to our immigration attorney about your employment immigration needs.

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Nonimmigrant Worker Visas

Temporary nonimmigrant visas have varied durations. Some can be up to seven years long. There are a variety of types of employment visas in this category, most dependent upon the type of skills an applicant possesses:

  • H-1B specialty workers
  • H-1C nurse workers
  • H-2 seasonal/temporary
  • H-3 professional training
  • P-1 athletes
  • P-2 and P-3 entertainers or artists
  • L-1 multinational corporation employees
  • E-1 and E2 treaty visas
  • O-1 and O-2 extraordinary abilities

Immigrant Worker Visas

For those interested in permanent legal residency, there are immigration visas that can fulfill that need. These type of immigration visas include:

  • EB-1 persons of extraordinary ability, such as those in the arts, businesses, research and education fields as well as multinational managers and executives
  • EB-2 professionals with advanced degrees or those with exceptional abilities
  • EB-3 skilled workers and those with a baccalaureate degree or equivalent

There are many others but a consultation with our immigration lawyer can help expand on these types of visas and how they could meet your specific needs.

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