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Can I request Child Support if we have joint custody?

Posted by brian on July 27, 2018
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Yes, you can. Joint custody does not mean that the child support obligation is for one parent. If you can meet the obligation, it is important that you apply for it. However, in case of a misunderstanding between the parents in regards to the support, it is vital to consult a Child Support Lawyer.

In cases where both parents share the child’s custody equally, one is likely to owe more amount of support to the child. Child support as an obligation is calculated based on the income of each parent and the time spent with the child. So even in circumstances where the parents enjoy equal time with the child, the support of the child may come from the parent with more income.

Determining Child’s Support in Joint Custody

There is no exact formula for calculating child support. However, the following are considered in determining the support obligation.

  • The percentage of income each parent contribute jointly. If there is one parent with more income, it is likely that they will pay more for the child support.
  • Time spent by each parent with the child also determines the outcome of the case. If the child spends more time with the father, the court will assume that the father bears the greater burden in terms of costs incurred in raising the child, the mother is likely to pay more towards child support.

Unmarried Parents

If the parents were previously unmarried, both owe child support. However, determining the support is more complicated compared to when they are married. Agreeing can be difficult and many prefer to talk to Child Support Lawyer to assist in determining the custody of the child and the support.

Some of the factors considered in determining child’s support include; whether the child lives or has ever lived with you, the income of the parent and the amount of time the child spends with the parent. If you are a resident of Cedar Park TX and in need of child support lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. At The Jackson Firm, we work with our clients to create a strong legal plan which leads to a favorable outcome in their case. Call us today to request a consultation.

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