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Can a divorce decree be modified?

Posted by admin on July 17, 2017

While a divorce decree generally stands as the final order of the judge, it may not be as final as it seems. There are two primary reasons for which it is possible to receive a modification of the decree. The first is if one or both parties in the divorce have reasonable grounds to believe that the judge in the initial case came to a wrong conclusion with his or her order. The second reason is if life circumstances have significantly changed for one or both parties in the divorce after the decree. This can include items such as remarriage, loss of job, promotion, or the birth of new children.

Divorce cases involving children are commonly modified, often with one or both parents seeking to amend obligations such as custody, visitation or child support. When circumstances have changed that make you believe that there is a need to modify the order, it is important to contact a good post divorce modification attorney. Not only do all of the appropriate forms need to be filed in a timely manner, but it will be essential to prove to a judge that the modification is necessary.

While the attorney who represented you in the original divorce case may be willing to continue to do so, it may be well advised to seek an expert in divorce modification and appeals. If your motion to have the decree modified is denied and you wish to appeal, the process is far more complicated and best dealt with by an appellate lawyer.

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