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5 Reasons you Might Need a Personal Injury Attorney after a Car Accident

Posted by Ken Jackson on September 6, 2022
Car crash dangerous accident on the road.

If you were involved in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault, you might not get everything you deserve. 

Insurance companies do everything they can to downplay what they must pay victims of a car accident. They’ll try to pressure you to settle for a lower amount or sign off saying you are ‘okay’ so that you can’t get any future bills covered.

Rather than trying to handle the situation yourself, it’s best to hire a personal injury attorney. Even though it might seem like overkill, here are 5 reasons an attorney can help.

1. A Personal Injury Attorney can Help you Understand the Full Effect of the Accident

At The Jackson Firm, we have seen just about every situation that can occur from a car accident. We know how easy it is to think you’re okay only to find out down the road that you’re having complications from the accident.

As your personal injury attorney, we can counsel you regarding how to handle the situation, what to get from your doctors and how to ensure you are compensated for any temporary or permanent disability you endure. There might be a lot more paperwork and documentation involved than you realize, which a reputable attorney can handle for you.

2. You Shouldn’t Deal with the Insurance Company Yourself

Insurance adjusters are hard to deal with, especially when you try to represent yourself. As the victim, you should be getting maximum compensation for your injuries, but the adjustor will try to make the exact opposite happen.

Since adjusters are in the business, they know how to pressure you into accepting a lower settlement or closing out the case when you shouldn’t be. If you don’t know any better, you could agree to something that will leave you with less compensation than you deserve.

Instead, let a professional attorney negotiate on your behalf. Adjustors behave a lot differently when they have an attorney on their back versus just the person suffering from a car accident. 

3. You Might get a Larger Settlement

This goes without saying, but when you work with an attorney, most of the time you’ll get a larger settlement. Again, this goes back to the adjustor taking advantage of a victim’s uneducated stance on the subject.

Attorneys don’t back down and make sure their clients get what they deserve. When you work with attorneys with plenty of experience in car accident situations, you’re much more likely to get a larger settlement.

4. Attorneys Know the Right Questions to Ask

When you’re involved in a car accident, you’re likely overwhelmed and probably in pain. You might not be thinking straight when you’re dealing with the insurance company and/or trying to get your bills covered.

You could miss an important part of the equation, leaving money on the table. Attorneys know what to ask and how to find out the full extent of the damages to you and your car or property. Why put the stress on yourself when you’re trying to recover from the damages when an attorney could handle it for you?

5. You Might Have to go to Court

While we’d love it if all car accident cases could be settled outside of court, that’s not always the case. If the insurance company or the person responsible for the accident aren’t cooperating, you might need to go to court to get it sorted out.

You shouldn’t try to represent yourself in court. There’s a lot of documentation, preparation, and negotiations to do in court that are best left to the professionals. An attorney can ensure the lawsuit is as short and painless as possible for you while also ensuring he/she has your back throughout the case.

Final Thoughts

At The Jackson Firm, we know that it’s hard to deal with a car accident, especially when it wasn’t your fault.

We don’t want you to suffer any more than necessary, which is why we are here for you every step of the way. Let us look over your case and see how we can help you get the settlement you deserve while taking the pressure off you.

Our attorneys are experienced and educated in all aspects of car accident cases and are here to protect you. Contact us today at (512) 528-1900.