5 Marriage Advices from Divorce Lawyers

Posted by admin on September 27, 2016

For better or worse… these are words that most people proclaim during a marriage ceremony. Unfortunately, many people forget the “for worse” part of the marriage vows and decide to give up on the marriage and on each other. A divorce attorney is a person who gets to see the ugliest parts on a marriage; so, no one is better qualified than a divorce attorney to give marriage advice. Therefore, here are 5 marriage advices from divorce lawyers.

1. Go on Dates
Couples remember those fun, carefree days when they just went out together to dinner and a movie. That was before kids and life got in the way. People need to get back to those days. Pay a baby sitter and spend quality time together.

2. Be Honest with Yourself
Each individual needs to evaluate what he/she brings to the marriage. Are you willing to compromise, or is it all about you? Both people in the relationship need to contribute equally.

3. Keep the Intimacy
When life gets in the way, couples just forget about intimacy. They need to enjoy the most intimate part of a marriage. Put away the sweatshirts and dress sexy.

4. Be a Good Communicator
Couples need to sit down and discuss things that are going on in their lives. If you do not communicate, your partner will slowly start to shut down. Spend time talking.

5. Do Not Expect Perfection
Unfortunately, movies and television portray the “happily ever after” concept when a marriage is perfect with no problems. However, this is not reality. Individuals need to accept their spouse for who they are, and they need to know that no one can be perfect. Everyone is human and makes mistakes. People always need to accept and admire their partner.

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