How Long Does a Texas Divorce Take?

Posted by brian on August 12, 2019
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If you’re facing a divorce in Texas, you would naturally like to have an estimate regarding how long the divorce process is going to take. While every divorce is unique, there are factors that can help you estimate how long it will probably take for your divorce to be finalized. Until your divorce is finalized, it can be difficult to move forward with your life, but you don’t want to rush into making major decisions just to shave time off the divorce process. An experienced Cedar Park divorce lawyer will help to ensure that your divorce moves forward effectively and efficiently without jeopardizing your rights or your future. 

The Mandatory Waiting Period

In the State of Texas, everyone must wait a mandatory 60 days after filing for divorce before that divorce can be finalized (a judge will sometimes waive this requirement in extreme situations). If your divorce is uncontested and your finances are straightforward, your divorce could be finalized within this timeframe.

An Uncontested Divorce Speeds Up the Process

If you and your divorcing spouse can hammer out compromises regarding the major elements of your divorce that you are both willing to sign off on, you’ll speed up the divorce process considerably. These major elements generally include:

  • Child custody arrangements
  • The just and right division of your marital property
  • Financial decisions regarding child support and spousal support

Work closely with an experienced divorce attorney to ensure that the terms you agree to protect your rights and are in you and your children’s best interests.

Let Go of the Little Things

There’s no way around it, divorce is fraught with difficult emotions, and this can leave you with a desire to double down regarding small slights and injustices in the divorce process. If you can adopt a big-picture attitude that allows you to overlook the minor details (that matter less), it can help you stay focused on those elements of divorce that really do matter. Choose your divorce battles wisely.

Complicated Financials Complicate Divorce

If your marital properties and finances are complicated, your divorce is going to take more time. There’s a good reason for this, however. The division of your marital property is likely to significantly affect your financial future, and you want to get it right. There are several factors that can complicate your finances:

  • If yours is a high asset divorce
  • If either of you owns a business (or if you own a business together)
  • If either of you (or both of you together) owns a significant amount of property – such as ranchland 

If You’re Divorcing, Work with an Experienced Cedar Park Divorce Lawyer

If you’re divorcing, the dedicated legal team at The Jackson Law Firm in Cedar Park, Texas, is committed to guiding your case toward a resolution that works for you and your children. Our skilled divorce lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and compassion to help you, so please contact us online or call us at (512) 528-1900 for more information today.

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