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Being accused, arrested and charged with a crime is a terrifying experience for anyone. The essential steps that you may or may not take can affect you for the rest of your life. It is advisable for individuals in Round Rock, Texas to choose a reliable law firm for the handling of their case. A preferable option within the area is seeking assistance from us, The Jackson Firm. We are very reliable and have well-decorated experts who can handle your claims. Here are some of the legal issues where we can offer our services:

Theft and Property Crimes

You or even your loved one, may get accused of stealing a given property in Texas. Even though you are willing to defend yourself, you may not be sure where to start. The best way to begin fighting your theft claim is to understand the crime you’re being accused of. This includes knowing the penalties you could face and the defenses available to prove you’re not guilty of the charges. The charges you face may be theft of services, property or writing a bad check.

Sex Crimes

Facing such charges can be frightening. The first step you need to take is to seek help from a sex crimes attorney. They will be able to form the best possible defense. It will be in light of the significant facts of your case. In this category, you could be facing charges of indecent exposure, prostitution, sexual assault and even statutory rape.

Weapons Charges

If you find yourself facing weapons charges, you need to seek an attorney who is conversant with the law, so they will be able to handle your charges conveniently. If you are found guilty of breaking the Texas guns and weapons laws, you can end up facing felony charges. However, the state of Texas has reasonably liberal guns regulations.

Violation of Probation

Probation is a chance that you are given to avoid a jail sentence. It primarily gives you the opportunity to prove that you can be a law-abiding citizen. Its terms can vary depending on the facts of each individual case. You may be expected to be at your house by a particular time while others won’t have such stipulations. Conclusively, it is advised you seek professional aid with an attorney who can explain to you how you can avoid violating your probation.

Drug Defense

The constitutional laws dealing with drug crimes in Texas have severe penalties. The penalties range from facing lengthy prison time to paying hefty fines. However, the sentencing is dependent on certain factors. They include the type and quantity of drug in consideration and the controlled substance involved. The most common types of charges include possession of cocaine, marijuana, paraphernalia and controlled substances. Others issues include drug trafficking and manufacturing.

Traffic Offenses

These days, many lousy driving habits are putting drivers at greater danger compared to the past. A significant problem in Texas and the country as a whole is driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. On the first of September, Texas alongside other states, enacted new distracted driving laws. These laws include the use of phones, eating, fidgeting with the radio and brushing your hair while driving. However, the most common is the use of phones while behind the wheel. It is the most common factor found in traffic offenses.

Domestic Violence

Charges of this kind are taken very seriously here in Texas. The penalties imposed in a domestic violence charge are more severe than those perpetrated against persons of no relation. Furthermore, the procedures involved in handling such cases are different. Most significantly, there are rules in place that inhibit an individual alleging domestic attack from “dropping” a claim. If you get encountered with charges of domestic violence, you need to understand the significant elements of this kind of crime. Additionally, be conversant with your legal rights in this type of matter.

Violent Crimes

If you are accused of committing violent crimes against another person, you are at risk of having a criminal record. This can negatively impact your employment chances and many other issues. Proof of action must be absolute for you to get convicted of any offense. This is one of the main reasons that criminal laws were established.

Student Defense

If you’re a student charged with a criminal offense in Round Rock areas, there’s a lot at stake. One mere accusation or even a straightforward claim can lead to serious consequences. Some of which may affect your entire life. When you are facing criminal charges; your finances, freedom and education are at risk. Claims may include alcohol consumption, fake identification and furnishing alcohol to others. We advise you to seek assistance from a Round Rock Criminal Defense Attorney immediately to help you handle your charges.

Jail release

It can be both shocking and saddening when you realize one of your loved ones is behind bars. It is typical for you and other family members to try their best to get the jailed one out. Life in jail is considerably inhuman in comparison to the outside life. The food condition and state of being there can have a serious impact on the toughest of people. With the confusing laws surrounding these cases, you may feel helpless; however, there is hope. Contact a qualified attorney who can help you with this difficult time.

Misdemeanor Attorney

There is a broad range of misdemeanor charges in Texas covering distinct prohibited behavior. They have one thing in common, and that is the potential to bring jail time. It can also negatively influence your life. However, misdemeanor charges are less severe compared to felony claims. A criminal charge is taken to be a felony because it brings the possibility of going to prison. However, even when you’re found guilty and granted the max for a misdemeanor, the jury can sentence you. It can be for at least a year in a local jail.

Texas classifies misdemeanor offenses based on their significance. Class A charges are punishable by at least one year of imprisonment. Furthermore, you will also be fined. Class B offenses may grant you a maximum of 180 nights in prison. It also comes with a penalty. Class C misdemeanors result in fines only. However, common law breakers can find themselves encountering enhanced penalties. If you have been charged with such offenses, our Round Rock Criminal Defense Attorney will strive to provide the best outcome possible in your case.

Felony Defense Attorney

Felonies are crimes of great significance. If you think the charges you are accused of aren’t that crucial, you need to consider a certain factor. The least-serious felony could grant you a conviction of up to 2 years behind bars. It can also include a fine of $10,000. Nobody wants their record to be marked by charges of a felony. A Round Rock Criminal Defense Attorney can be of great assistance in these life-changing situations.

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