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Violation Of Probation

Probation is a second chance. It’s a chance to avoid years in jail, re-enter society, and prove that you can be a law-abiding member of society. Courts sometimes forego lengthy prison sentences in favor of probation. With probation, you’re able to avoid a certain length of time in prison in exchange for abiding by the terms of your probation. Probation terms can vary per person and by the offense. For example, some offenders will have a curfew that requires them to be home by a certain time while other offenders won’t have this stipulation.

Probation officers review the case file of each probationer and determine how strict the terms of probation should be. They do this in conjunction with attorneys and judges so that everyone is on the same page about the probation. When you first begin your probation, you’ll get extensive paperwork letting you know what you must do to be in compliance with the terms of your probation.

What Is Probation?

Probation is also known as community supervision. This term is self-descriptive. You’re being supervised by the community at large in the form of a single probation officer who makes sure that you stick to the terms of your probation. Probation can come with a host of other requirements. In general, felony probation means you:

  • Can’t possess firearms
  • Can’t move to another county unless you get permission from your probation officer
  • Can’t go to bars or places where alcohol is the primary product
  • Can’t do drugs or be around people who are doing drugs
  • Can’t leave the county of your probation unless you tell your probation officer where you are going and how long you will be there (a permit to leave for a specified amount of time must be filled out)

This is just the tip of the iceberg for people on probation. In addition, you may be required to attend AA/NA meetings a certain number of times a week. You also might be required to attend court-ordered counseling or even agree to be admitted into a sober living home for a specified amount of time if your offense was a drug offense. Whatever the court asks you to do, you MUST do. And if they ask you not to do something, you must NOT do it. In exchange for following these terms, the court allows you to have a job, residence, and freedom instead of a prison sentence. In general, probation cannot exceed the length of the sentence you received. So if you received a 10-year sentence, your probation cannot be more than 10 years.

Violation of Probation (VOP)

There are so many ways that a client can violate probation that it’s often a good idea to have a lawyer during the length of your probation time. This lawyer will help you understand the terms of your probation better and can represent you in the event that you violate your probation. The Jackson Law Firm is a family owned law firm and we know how difficult probation can be for people who are used to having their freedom in the little things. Things that a normal citizen could do will be illegal for you to do (for example, drinking).

When you call the Jackson Law Firm, we review your case and are here to answer your questions all throughout the probationary period. We want you to have a successful probation, and believe it or not, so do the courts. Not even the most hardened of lawyers WANTS to send someone to prison for 10 years. However, if you don’t follow the terms of your probation, that is exactly what might happen. If you’ve been sentenced to a year and violate your probation, you’re looking at a year in prison. It’s very important to contact our law offices and let us help you have a successful probationary period.

Williamson County Probation Violation Lawyers

The probationers of Cedar Park and Round Rock, Texas can count on us to help you avoid violating your probation. If you’re about to do something that you’re not sure of, you can always call our law offices and ask, “Should I do this? Does it violate my probation?” We understand your anxiety and will always give you advice that is by the book and to the letter.

Williamson County Terms Of Probation

We’ve already seen a few examples of probation violations. Since everyone’s terms might differ, it’s important to have legal help to decipher your own terms of probation. Chapter 42 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure spells out the possible terms of probation you might have been given. Some of them are evident just by common sense: Don’t commit any more crimes during your probation. That’s a given.

Others are more technical, such as having to tell your probation officer when you leave Williamson County. These little technical violations are serious as well and you won’t want to violate them for any reason. If you’re concerned about the terms of your probation and don’t understand them, call the Jackson Law Firm. We can help! We know that the terms of probation can be very restrictive and confusing at times, so don’t hesitate to use us as your probation lawyer. We will keep you on the right side of the violation.

Two Major Types Of Violations

Technical violations are things like not paying your fees and fines or following the general rules of probation. A substantive violation is much more serious and means that you’ve been caught committing another crime while on probation. These violations are much more serious and difficult to defend. Not only do you face additional prison time for the new crime, but you can end up serving out your time for the probationary crime as well. You don’t want to waste time before calling a lawyer if you’ve committed a substantive violation offense.

Even if you’ve been accused of committing a technical violation of your probation, you can still face a judge who will end the probation and make you serve your original sentence. Some of it depends on the judge, some on the DA, but most of the time, it depends on the quality of your legal representation. Good probation lawyers know how to defend you against technical violations and can help keep you out of prison and on probation. If your probation is revoked, you’re facing your original prison sentence. Don’t let that happen.

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We’re here to represent you during your probation or in the event that you’re called into a probation violation hearing. We’re going to aggressively defend you against the violation charges and do everything in our power to keep you out of prison. Call today and let us help you.