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We’ll Get Your Loved One Out Of Jail In Williamson County

The knowledge that a loved one is in a jail in Cedar Park or Round Rock is a shocking bit of news. Williamson County is a generally safe area to raise a family, so when you get the call that a person you love is behind bars, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. It’s natural to have a first gut reaction of wanting to do anything and everything you can to get your loved one out of that situation. Life in jail is often inhuman compared to the way that people live on the outside. Inmates can’t go outside when they want to. They’re often eating food that is below the quality of normal human food. The conditions they live in would shock and sadden even the hardest of people on the outside.

As a citizen, you might feel helpless in this situation, but you have options. The fastest avenue to get a loved one out of jail is to contact a good attorney. In some minor instances, someone might be released from jail quickly on their own recognizance or they might be able to quickly secure a small bond, but for accusations of larger offenses, it’s going to take quick thinking family calling an attorney to secure a release. With an attorney handling things, the inmate can more successfully cope with the stress and sadness of being locked away in jail, and the family can have more peace as well.

Williamson County Jail Release

If you have a loved one trapped in jail right now, please call the Jackson Law Firm. Although we can’t always get you the outcome you want – for this legal issue to immediately go away – in all but the most serious of charges, we can work with judges, district attorneys, and other authorities to secure the release of your loved one from a Williamson County jail. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls and help you secure the release of the person you love.

We’ve helped so many people escape the horrors of jail. It’s our firm belief that people are innocent until proven guilty, and that no one deserves to linger in jail before they’ve been convicted of a crime. That’s why we work tirelessly to make sure that your loved one is released. We’ll do everything in our power within the limits of the law to bring your loved one home to you TODAY.

We’re a very friendly group of professionals as well. We take each case on a case by case basis and know that everyone has different needs when they come into our offices. We’ll listen to you compassionately and never judge your loved one for being in jail. Many innocent people get arrested each year and sit in jail while awaiting trial. This can take a dramatic toll on their mental health, as even the healthiest of individuals is going to buckle under the strain of having their most basic freedoms taken away. Let us help your loved one get their freedom back and fight the charges against them.

The Booking Process

To understand how we secure your loved one’s release from jail, it’s necessary to understand the booking process in Cedar Park and Round Rock jails. In general, someone who is arrested is taken to Central Booking to be booked in. This means they will process the inmate. They do so by getting their name, fingerprints, mugshot, and list of items they have with them. Personal items will be taken away and then stored during the time the person is in jail. When they’re released, they get those items back unless there is something illegal on their person that the jail must confiscate, either as evidence or in general.

Police reports will then be filed at the time of booking. Everything goes to a magistrate judge who will then decide the fate of the inmate in terms of releasing them. This will be based on the charges, police report, and criminal history of the inmate. Bonds will be discussed and decided upon in relation to the charges. In many cases, the bond itself will determine how difficult it will be to secure the inmate’s release from prison.

A bail bond is a financial figure, a dollar amount, that the person in Cedar Park or Round Rock must pay in order to get out of jail before their trial. It’s an assurance to the court, in the form of a dollar amount, that says, “I will return for my trial and not evade charges.” If the offense is very serious, the bond can be set very high, intentionally, to keep the inmate in jail until trial. If it’s a less serious offense, the bond might be very low and there are various arrangements the inmate can make with the court to secure the bond. This might include using property or other valuables as collateral to secure the amount. Remember that if the inmate doesn’t return to stand trial, they are going to lose that dollar amount to the court and they will have a warrant issued for their arrest. It’s vital that inmates return to court dates as promised if they want to continue living free until trial.

Part of the problem is that sometimes someone is arrested when courts aren’t open or the judge isn’t in. This can mean that your loved one is sitting in jail for a day or more, waiting for the judge to review the facts of the pending case. When you call the Jackson Law Firm, we’ll speed the process up for you enormously and make sure that your loved one has the best chance possible to get out of jail sooner.

Ways To Secure Jail Release

A good lawyer is familiar with all of the many types of bonds that can secure your loved one’s release. Each type of bond gives them an avenue of escape from the conditions of jail.

Cash bonds

These are ideal for inmates that don’t have a large bond set and have the money up front in cash. They will still need a lawyer or loved one to pay the bond for them if they’re on the outside because jails don’t accept debit cards or other forms of payment. It needs to be cash in hand.

Personal bonds

These are the holy grail that lawyers are looking for. This means you don’t pay cash up front or any form of payment except for administrative fees. Once this is paid, the inmate is free to go. Lawyers will often look to secure this type of bond first, as it puts the least amount of strain on the inmate financially. Pre-trial services will be able to determine if this type of bond is possible.

Surety bonds

If you need a bail bondsman to help get a loved one out of jail, this is considered a surety bond. In this scenario, you’re paying the bail bondsman, not the jail. You’ll pay him or her 10 to 20% of your bond and then they will make the full bond payment. The 10 to 20% is an FEE. You won’t get it back. Co-signers are commonly required for bail bonds to be pushed through. Lawyers can help you negotiate with the bondsman to get the best deal for your release.

How Lawyers Help To Secure Jail Release in Williamson County

No matter what the method of release, you should immediately call the Jackson Law Firm to secure the release of your loved one in Cedar Park or Round Rock. We’ve been helping Williamson County residents secure the release of their loved ones from jail for many years now. We’re family-owneded law firm so we KNOW how important this matter is to you and how time-sensitive it is.